Shutterfly's 4x Return on Facebook Exchange

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Shutterfly gave Facebook Exchange a shot, saw a 512% lower cost per new customer, and is ready to retarget at scale on Facebook.

Shutterfly is a leading Internet-based social expression and personal publishing service that provides a service for users to create a variety of on-demand gifts, photobooks, prints, and more from images that they upload from either a digital camera or an online photo sharing site.

A tech-savvy company that's found success entering innovative marketing channels, this Triggit customer decided to give the new, highly anticipated Facebook Exchange a shot.

Campaign Objective

Become an alpha tester on Facebook Exchange to determine whether or not it's an effective online channel for acquiring new customers.

Our Solution

Shutterfly ad

After running three different retargeted ad creatives on Facebook, the end results were above and beyond any that Shutterfly had seen. Compared to traditional real-time bidding campaigns, the cost per new customer (post-click) was five times lower on FBX for the same rate of new customers to total purchases.

Some additional gains after running a FBX campaign included:

  • Four times higher on return on ad spend
  • A post-click conversion rate of 9.6% - nearly five times higher than traditional campaigns
  • A 1.5x greater likelihood of people converting in the first two days after seeing an ad on FBX

About Triggit

Triggit is the only demand side platform to build its innovative features and tools around the Facebook Exchange, giving advertisers the ability to scale their FBX ad campaigns as needed. With no minimum spend requirements, data-driven advertisers depend on Triggit to deliver the best insights and results at the right cost.

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