The simplest way to get started with retargeting
on the Facebook Exchange and beyond

Product 1

The set up is simple: Place a pixel on your website for each of your audience segments.

Product 2

Upload as many ads as you need to advertise to any or all of your audience segments.

Product 3

You can Set Budgets, Frequency Caps, Max Bids and more across Facebook and 6 other RTB exchanges

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Standard Retargeting Features

In addition to retargeting on the Facebook Exchange, you can also retarget from anywhere else on the web.

  • Simple Set-Up & Integration

    You define the audiences you are interested in retargeting.

  • Upload and Launch Ads

    Starting a new retargeting campaign is easy.

  • Set Budgets, Frequency Caps, Bidding Rules, Flight Dates & More

    An array of tools at your disposal to get the most out of your Facebook Exchange retargeting campaign.

  • Facebook + Five Ad Exchanges

    Unify your retargeting budget across multiple inventory sources. Track performance and ROAS on it all.

Total Transparency & Control

  • Standardized Reporting Across Segments And Product Lines

  • The Dashboard

    See how your ads are doing through CPM, CPC, CPA and view-through metrics.

  • Conversion Tracking

    Are you getting the returns on you’re expecting with retargeting? Find out how well your funnel is working.

  • Export & Archive Data

    Triggit plays nicely with CRMs and your spreadsheets. All data is exportable to CSV.