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September 2014

Triggit COO and Co-Founder Susan Coelius Keplinger Named One of FORTUNE Magazine’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs( )

Fortune has selected the 2014 class of Fortune Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs. These are 10 female founders of thriving, innovative, groundbreaking companies with revenue in the $1 million-to-$25 million range.
July 2014

Retargeting Company Triggit Is Making A 'Big Bet' On Native Advertising( )

The online advertising company Triggit announced today that it has been testing a way to expand the retargeted native ads it runs on Facebook to other sites across the web. So far, CEO Zach Coelius says Triggit's testing has been hugely successful.

Another Chapter For Triggit, As Facebook-Only DSP Pivots To Native( )

Triggit, known to many as the "Facebook-only" retargeting firm, is taking on native ads outside the Facebook platform. The company is courting publishers with the promise to support their native advertising formats and bring the kind of in-stream ad experiences it has run in Facebook's news feed over the past year to a wider range of supply sources.

Triggit Expands Dynamic Retargeting Beyond Facebook To Native Ads Across The Web( )

Facebook retargeting provider, Triggit, is branching out to give advertisers more scale and reach for the dynamic retargeting campaigns that have proven so effective on Facebook. Triggit is partnering with premium publishers to bring dynamic retargeting to news feed-style ad formats across the web.
May 2014

Hey, Did You See That Awesome Banner Ad Yesterday?( )

This year is the 20th anniversary of the banner ad. Two decades later, we still use banner ads. Triggit CEO Zach Coelious argues that the banner is dead, and that native is the future.
May 2013

Fueled by Facebook Exchange, Triggit Raises Another $6 Million, This Time Via Debt( )

Ad tech startup Triggit, which raised $7.4 million last fall after Facebook helped its business skyrocket, has raised another $6 million, this time via a debt deal with North Atlantic Capital. Triggit, which has now raised $20 million over the past few years…

Facebook Retargeting Partner Triggit Lands $6 Million In New Funding( )

Triggit now claims to be the leading FBX retargeter with a reach of 1.1 billion monthly Facebook unique users. Zach Coelius, CEO of Triggit said in a statement, "For the next phase of Triggit's growth, we'll be deploying bigger and better dynamic creatives on…

Facebook platform industry news: Triggit, Moontoast, Mass Relevance, )

Triggit says it will put the investment toward engineering and other talent as it focuses on improving products for advertisers retargeting users…

Retargeting: Triggit surfe sur la vague de Facebook Exchange avec un tour de table de 6M$( )

Moins d'un an après le lancement de Facebook Exchange, Triggit est parvenu à faire sa place dans l'écosystème de…

Triggit raises $6M for Facebook retargeting( )

Facebook retargeting startup Triggit has raised $6 million in a new debt round led by North Atlantic Capital, with participation from existing…

News Feed vs. right-hand rail = Ferrari vs rocketship. CEO Zach Coelius interviewed about Facebook Exchange retargeting on Business Week( )

Triggit CEO Zach Coelious discusses Facebooks ad targeting with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

Early Stats on How Facebook Exchange Ads Perform in News Feed Pricier at first but better value.( )

Compared to FBX ads run in Facebook's easily overlooked right-hand side, FBX ads run in the desktop News Feed saw 48.4 percent lower cost-per-click, 197.3 percent higher return on investment and 17 times higher clickthrough rates.
March 2013

Here’s Who’s Winning on Facebook Exchange and How They’re Doing It( )

Since Facebook Exchange (FBX) launched last year, Triggit has been inundated with large direct response advertisers worldwide wanting to try out this most promising new channel.

How E-Commerce Incubator Rocket Internet Ramped Up on Facebook Exchange( )

The company leaped into FBX immediately after the RTB platform launched officially last fall, and now works closely with FBX specialist Triggit across many of its brands.

Facebook Changes Traumatic But Better( )

Triggit CEO Zach Coelius discusses Facebook's planned update to its News Feed on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."
February 2013

Chris Zaharias, Triggit : « le reciblage sur l’adexchange Facebook c’est comme les liens sponsorisés à leurs débuts( )

Facebook Adexchange c’est la plus grande chose qui soit arrivée au marketing depuis le search. Facebook représente 20% des impressions publicitaires.
January 2013

Triggit CEO: Huge Potential for Facebook Mobile Ads( )

Video: Triggit CEO Zach Coelius discusses unlocking the potential of mobile ads for Facebook. with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

Facebook Revenue Rises 40% as Mobile Ad Sales Strengthen( )

Facebook's mobile advertising results particularly stood out. Over the quarter, Facebook's overall ad revenue rose 41% to $1.33 billion from a year ago, with mobile ads making up 23% of the total.

Facebook's Q4 Earnings: Can Anyone Say 'Mobile'?( )

Sandberg on Facebook Exchange: Facebook exchange on Triggit drives 36 percent more conversions than ads anywhere else.

Facebook’s fourth-quarter earnings( )

Sandberg: On FBX, everyone knows it’s real-time bidding. We’re very encouraged what we see in terms of marketer demand and ad performance. We see good data from clients and customers that it’s driving more conversions. From Triggit, FBX drives 30% more conversions than anywhere else. We have a bunch of other examples like that.

Lance, Manti Show Why Programmatic Makes Sense( )

Both these instances show why programmatic ad buying has such a growth trajectory. The reason is simple: both instances make no sense. There is far more demand for the attention generated by the Te’o story and the Armstrong story than can be satisfied with a human-to-human process.

Good News for Facebook Exchange( )

Remember when GM backed out of Facebook ads last year? It looked like many others would follow suit, but now that Facebook has increased their advertising abilities, we may find companies putting more effort into the social networking giant.

Triggit: Facebook Exchange 36% Better Than Google At Converting Retargeted Users( )

Triggit found. Choi determined that dynamic creatives yielded higher click-through rates (43% higher) and lower cost per acquisition (1/3 lower) as compared to static ads. They also convert users more quickly…

Reciblage : Facebook Exchange converti 36% mieux que Google et Rubicon( )

les internautes qui ont été reciblés sur facebook ont 240% plus de chance de revenir sur le site de l'annonceur…

Facebook Poised to Positively Impact RTB and Mobile in 2013 and Beyond( )

RTB's benefits include cost efficiencies, reduced ad waste, scalable reach, transparency, and control, and as ad buyers realize these benefits, their ad spend will quickly transfer from traditional display advertising to RTB platforms…
December 2012

Retargeting Is Just Phase One( )

Only when we can exchange value for value will advertising move to a new level, and begin to drive commercial experiences that begin to feel right…

Is 2013 the Year of Programmatic?( )

I really have no idea what the actual numbers will be, but I would bet we see increasing growth rates for pragmatic buying. Here's why: Facebook is the tipping point…

Amazon Proves It Is Hard-Core About Advertising( )

While the business of targeting ads at users in real time is well established, involving exchanges run by familiar ad suppliers like Google and Facebook, the process of actually buying ads on those exchanges is complex and typically left to the likes of Triggit…

The 2012 Digiday Superlatives( )

You want a wet, sloppy kiss for RTB, Zach is ready…

Top Publishers' Complicated Relationship with Third-Party Sellers( )

Premium publishers often point the finger at ad networks as a major reason for the commoditization of online advertising. And yet top publishers rely on networks and ad exchanges for the sale of half their ad inventory…

Amazon lance son ad-exchange pour concurrencer Facebook et Google( )

Le RTB est à la mode et ne peut plus échapper à l'emprise d'Amazon…

Triggit e Facebook apresentam a FBX ao mercado brasileiro( )

A Triggit, DSP focada na Facebook Ad Exchange e que recentemente recebeu um aporte de mais de 7 milhões de dólares…

实时竞价按人群区分销售抓住目标人群投其所好( )


实时竞价按人群区分销售 抓住目标人群投其所好( )

November 2012

Triggit, le DSP pour Facebook lève 7.4 M$ et arrive en Europe l'an prochain( )

A l'origine Triggit est un DSP comme un autre. Son repositionnement sur Facebook Exchange lui a permis de séduire les investisseur…

Facebook Is Quietly Making a Killing With Ads That Pursue You( )

We literally have been growing exponentially since FBX launched. We've grown more than 300 percent both in the size of the community and the revenue the company is doing…

Don't Underestimate Social Advertising's First Mover Advantage( )

FBX – The Facebook Exchange has been a huge hit with advertisers looking to retarget users on Facebook who have visited their brand's websites. This functionality does not live within the native Facebook advertising user interface but is available through DSPs (e.g. Triggit) and API vendors…

Adweek brings together Facebook's sales chief with GroupM's top digital exec By Mike Shields( )

We're excited about the results that we've seen. Our performance so far in the Exchange is doing better than the Google Exchange, and Triggit and others have all spoken up on our behalf…
October 2012

Retargeted Facebook Users and the All-Day Conversion Effect( )

...if users are on Facebook all the time, are they also in the mindset to convert all the time?

Why the Ad Tech Guys Are Going Nuts About Facebook Exchange, and Why That Matters( )

This summer, Facebook launched its own ad exchange. If you're in the ad tech world, that's a really big deal. And the rest of you have probably never heard of it. That's in part because Facebook itself hasn't said much about it…

Facebook Exchange & How My Basket Got Turned Into Facebook Ads( )

Retargeting — sometimes called "remarketing" especially by Google — is a system that allows advertisers to show you ads based on some of your previous actions on the web. For example…

ZYNGA Falls 11%, But Analysts Cheer Facebook's Ad Focus( )

Jefferies's Pitz, likewise, has a very upbeat view today on Facebook's advertising prospects. In particular, something called the "Facebook Exchange" could be "the 2nd or 3rd largest channel for direct response ads over time"…

Why the Ad Tech Guys Are Going Nuts About Facebook Exchange, and Why That Matters( )

One scenario to keep in mind as you read the interview: If Coelius is right, and the Exchange adds dramatic value to the cheap ads Facebook is using it for right now, what would happen if the company relented and offered the Exchange on all of its ads…

Facebook Says A New Ad Product Will 'Unlock Significant Spending Around The Globe'( )

Zach Coelius, CEO of Triggit, one of the ad-reselling companies Facebook has invited onto FBX, says that return on investment for advertisers buying through FBX is so good, that if all of Facebook's ad inventory were sold with re-targeting, instead of user data targeting, Facebook would be able to charge 3X the price it charges for ads right now…

Facebook Given "Buy" Rating at Jefferies Group (FB)( )

We are increasingly optimistic over FB's long-term prospects as it clarifies new areas of focus…

Facebook Says A New Ad Product Will 'Unlock Significant Spending Around The Globe'( )

Zach Coelius, CEO of Triggit, one of the ad-reselling companies Facebook has invited onto FBX, says that return on investment for advertisers buying through FBX is so good, that if all of Facebook's ad inventory were sold with re-targeting, instead of user data targeting, Facebook would be able to charge 3X the price it charges for ads right now…
September 2012

Buyers Bullish on Facebook Exchange( )

FBX is “one piece of the overall programmatic buying revolution.” But until FBX, that revolution has been largely in the way companies buy traditional ads…

Ad partners see early promise as Facebook brings FBX retargeting system out of beta( )

A number of beta partners are reporting lower costs per acquisition than on other exchanges and expressed continued interest in FBX, which allows third-party platforms to place retargeting ads on Facebook after users visit external websites marked with cookies…

Facebook goes live with real-time ad bids( )

“People are on Facebook all day,” he says. “They're engaged on it all day.” That's different from other platforms where shoppers generally focus their browsing at night, which, in turn, enables marketers to focus their keyword bids at night, he says…

Facebook Partners Say Exchange Increased Ad ROI By Up to 20X( )

Exchange is one of Facebook's latest attempts to make its advertising more effective. The company introduced the real-time bidding service in June, which let advertisers employ ads that were informed by users' browsing history…

Partners Share Results as Facebook Exchange Exits Beta( )

Retargeting is still the rule. Back during the launch, Facebook billed its exchange as a means to capture retargeting dollars…

Initial Trials Show Facebook Exchange Retargeted Ads Deliver Massive Return On Investment, Up To 16X( )

By increasing relevance and quality of the ads for users and earning advertisers more money, FBX could grow to be a huge revenue generator for Facebook — a company scrambling to prove it will continue earning more and more in the future…

Facebook's ad targeting tech is now out of beta( )

Facebook Exchange (FBX), a new advertising system the social network announced in June, is coming out of beta today…

Facebook Exchange Is Out Of Beta( )

Facebook formally announced Thursday that its Facebook Exchange real-time-bidding ad-purchase platform is out of beta, and the social network began allowing its FBX partners to release results they have achieved via the platform…

Facebook Lets Exchange Partners Speak, But Still Won't Invite Google to Party( )

Facebook's ad exchange represents a huge opportunity for data firms and retargeters that can layer their data over Facebook's ad inventory. But what's fascinating is how -- and to whom --Facebook has granted access to it…

Despite Facebook's 'bum rap,' partners give new ad exchange positive reviews( )

While ads served through traditional RTB display are typically just seen by consumers when they return from work, during their leisure hours, Triggit found that Facebook Exchange ads are more consistently seen throughout the day…

Facebook's Ad Exchange Has A Promising Launch( )

If Triggit's numbers hold up for other brands, it could dramatically alter how Facebook is seen by advertisers. Until now, brands have primarily used Facebook to build awareness, not direct conversions…

Facebook Exchange Opens with Promising Early Results from Launch Partners( )

At night, Facebook's display ads increase in click-throughs by four times. Click-throughs convert to sales 2.2 times more frequently. We may be on Facebook all day, but we are more open to advertising and more likely to shop in the evening…

Facebook Is Poised to Shake Up Advertising, Insider Says( )

Coelius says his company's limited data from three months of trials suggests Facebook customers targeted through the exchange are roughly twice as likely to buy or otherwise "convert" after clicking on an ad as those targeted through competitors…

Facebook Outperforming Google in Ad Revenue From Browsing( )

Facebook Inc. (FB) is doing a better job than Google Inc. (GOOG) in getting Web surfers to click on advertising based on browsing history, according to partners using the social network's ad service that debuted in June…

Facebook Exchange: The biggest new channel for large, direct response marketers since paid search( )

Facebook Exchange (FBX) is now open to the public. 11 new people join Facebook every second. One in seven people are on Facebook right now -- resulting in one quarter of all internet page views.
August 2012

Foundry Group's Levine On Ad Tech, JOBS Act and Programmatic Guaranteed( )

Overall, I think programmatic buying and selling has increased at a pace higher than most people expected. Add into that Facebook opening up its traffic to real-time bidding (RTB) and in the course of just a few years we've gone from RTB traffic volumes representing a few percentage points of overall display inventory to it covering potentially over half of all display impressions…
June 2012

Facebook Exchange: A New Way For Advertisers To Target Specific Users With Real-Time Bid Ads( )

Facebook is testing and will soon launch Facebook Exchange, a real-time bidding ad system where visitors to third-party websites are marked with a cookie, and can then be shown real-time bid ads related to their web browsing when they return to Facebook…