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At G4 Native we’re changing the way that advertisers connect with their customers. We put together the smartest people and the most advanced technology to deliver the best return on investment in the industry.


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G4 Native powers personalized, dynamic advertising across the Internet

Connect with your customers as they navigate Facebook and leading publishers, and show them personalized, dynamic ads that directly reflect their interests and intent. G4 Native’s native retargeting drives 15x higher CTRs than display banner ads, and delivers reach, performance and volume to your campaigns.
Personalized Native Retargeting

Native on Facebook


Since the launch of The Facebook Exchange (FBX) in 2012, G4 Native has been the leader in programatic buying across Facebook. With unequalled success on the FB Newsfeed, G4 Native’s technology has extended throughout FBX and the FB API and brings our clients unrivaled performance, reach and scale across all devices.


  • Retarget customers on FB’s Newsfeed and Right-Hand Column with the exact products and destinations they’ve browsed
  • Nurture users from your existing lists, and reach look-alike audiences who have never visited your site across desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Leverage The Facebook Exchange, Website Custom Audiences, API features, and G4 Native-built solutions

Native Across The Internet


G4 Native has partnered with leading publishers and networks to bring our clients unprecedented programatic native inventory, across the entire Internet and mobile ecosystem.


  • Native retargeting looks and feels like the content of the page, ensuring your customers see and engage with the ad
  • G4 Native Native extends your dynamic FB strategy to new inventory making integrations seamless and immediately impactful
  • Full transparency means you’ll see where your ads are served and how they perform, providing black lists for brand security and safety

International Reach


G4 Native represents clients on six continents. Our platform was built with international latency in mind and its performance and responsiveness continuously prove to be best in class.


  • Horizontally scalable technology with a footprint in data centers worldwide guarantee consistent data and bidding strategies
  • Full Service Accounts team is structured to be available when you are, promising constant communication and support regardless of your time-zone
  • Platform flexibility ensures you can construct your campaigns and audience segments against a diverse set of regional CPA goals

G4 Native do Brasil


Nossa solução entrega publicidade através do inventário do Facebook e de outros inventários Nativos para alguns dos maiores varejistas do Brasil, e nossos resultados são consistentemente o melhor do mercado.


  • Equipe dedicada e especializada para suporte local e escritório localizado no bairro Pinheiros em São Paulo.
  • G4 Native Native é uma plataforma completamente programática que entrega anúncios dinâmicos e personalizados, através de um algoritmo que foi projetado para compreender as nuances do mercado brasileiro.
  • Soluções flexíveis e personalizadas para atender às necessidades exclusivas de cada cliente, incluindo processadores de Feed que podem trabalhar com milhões de SKUs e atualizá-los várias vezes ao dia.