Triggit’s FBX Retargeting Playbook for 2013

Tips & Strategies from the First Facebook Exchange Noel

By Christina Park
Marketing@G4 Native 

Advertisers who began retargeting on Facebook Exchange in 2012 saw results that they hadn’t seen since 2002. On average, advertisers were seeing 4-6x higher return on ad spend at ⅕ the cost of anywhere else, making the Facebook Exchange the best converting and most efficient online marketing channel to date. Numbers like these made large direct advertisers with an aggregate of half a billion monthly unique site visitors rush to retarget on Facebook with G4 Native in time for the holidays.

So, how did the Facebook Exchange do in its first Christmas Noel? G4 Native teamed up with online advertising data expert Dr. Hyungyoung Choi to unwrap key online holiday shopping insights and strategies from the Facebook Exchange. To learn the tips and tricks that top Fortune 1000 advertisers successfully used to retarget valuable customers on Facebook during the busiest e-commerce season in history, visit to download the first definitive Facebook Exchange Playbook for free!