Retargeting with dynamic creatives on
Facebook Exchange delivers amazing results

Advertisers leveraging our technology and retargeting customers with rich, relevant dynamic creatives on Facebook Exchange saw over 2x CTRs vs static retargeted ads, and saw amazing ROI.

Product 4

Retarget with ads for the exact products a person has viewed, but not bought.

Product 5

You don't have to build your ads, our platform will.
By integrating your product feeds, you can dynamically create hundreds of retargeting ads in no time.

Product 6

Our big advantage is that we provide quantifiable results. Transparent reporting shows you your exact return on ad spend.

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Dynamic Product Retargeting Features

In addition to retargeting on the Facebook Exchange, you can also retarget from anywhere else on the web.

  • Feed Integration & Dynamic Ad Creative

    Integrate your entire product catalogue into our retargeting system.

  • Total Control: Set Budgets, Caps, Bidding Rules, & More

    An array of tools at your disposal to get the most out of your campaign.

  • CTR / CPA / $$$

    Define & achieve explicit Return on Ad Spend goals.

  • Standardized Reporting Across Segments And Product Lines

  • Export & Archive Data

    Triggit plays nicely with CRMs and your spreadsheets. All data is exportable to CSV.

  • Conversion Tracking

    Are you getting the returns on you’re expecting with retargeting? Find out how well your funnel is working.