About Triggit

Triggit enables advertisers and agencies to Build, Run, Measure, and Optimize retargeting-driven display campaigns from a single platform. Now that's efficiency.

Managing Team

  • Zach Coelius, Co-Founder & CEOZach is a serial entrepreneur, who initially co-founded Votes For Students, a national Pew Charitable Trusts-funded nonprofit. An early pioneer in the DSP space, Zach is now a frequent industry columnist and speaker. Zach received his BA from the University of Minnesota. Zach is an avid poker player and enjoys exploring the outdoors.

  • Susan Coelius Keplinger, Co-Founder & COOSusan graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in political science, where USA Today also named her one of the nation's top college students. Susan is an avid athlete and can be found hurling down the mountains of Lake Tahoe on her downhill bike or skis, chasing waves while kite surfing, or playing soccer with the Olympic Club.

  • Ryan Tecco, CTOHe has worked for startups his entire career, beginning with Indigo Security writing network code for their flagship DRM product. He relocated to San Francisco in 2005 when Indigo Security was acquired by San Mateo's Tablus, Inc. In 2006, he co-founded Ten Ton Labs, whose first product Squishr, was a search engine for music reviews.

  • Trishan Arul, CFOTrishan has over 15 years of experience in accounting, financial reporting, strategic planning, process improvement, systems implementation, and financial analysis. He has worked in many different industries with a wide array of companies, from start-ups to public multinational companies. His expertise crosses from Fortune 100 companies to bootstrapped small businesses in a variety of industries. He oversees Triggit's finance department. Outside of work, Trishan spends quality time with his family by running around after his toddler & dog.

  • Mike Winters, VP of AccountsMike graduated from the University of North Carolina and joined Triggit from Google's AdWords team in Mountain View, CA, where he developed a foundation in data-driven advertising. He oversees Triggit's client services group. You can find Mike biking around San Francisco on a quest to find either a pick-up basketball game or the city's best pizza joint, though usually not both at the same time.

A Little History

Triggit was founded in 2005 to address a simple question: “Why is the process of buying online display advertising so inefficient?” Over the past six years, Triggit's innovative demand-side platform has consistently pushed the industry forward. Triggit was one of the first companies to leverage real-time bidding exchanges when they appeared in the fall of 2008, and one of the first bidders integrated into the Google AdX Exchange in the summer of 2009.

Today, Triggit continues to be the most technologically advanced DSP in the market, pushing the envelope in areas ranging from integrated data management through its own DMP, to the development of built-in campaign attribution technology that gives advertisers the first truly accurate measure of overall display media ROI. With access to over 10 billion impressions a day from millions of sites across the web, Triggit uses advanced algorithmic calculations to optimize impression-based pricing and bidding, executing real time buying decisions in less than 50 milliseconds.

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