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Native Retargeting
Dynamic retargeting works. Native is the future.
Triggit brings you dynamic native retargeting
on news feeds across the Internet.

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What is Native Retargeting?

It’s retargeting within a feed, and it drives over 15X higher CTRs compared to traditional banner ads. Today’s customers have been conditioned to ignore the little box and engage with their feed – so take your advertising out of the box, into the feed, and watch your revenue grow.

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Triggit pioneered native retargeting on Facebook's News Feed. Now we're bringing you native retargeting, beyond Facebook, on news feeds across the entire Internet.
Here are some of our capabilities:

What Others Say About Us

Clients across six continents choose Triggit as their retargeting partner. We've been helping direct-response advertisers drive more revenue since 2005, and we’re proud to be the global leader in dynamic retargeting performance.

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